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February 2021

O que é preciso fazer quando a casa está a arder
February 23rd 2021, Climáximo

Há muito que é preciso fazer. A crise do Covid-19 veio expor, mais uma vez, as fragilidades do sistema. Mostrou que este sistema nos enfraquece colectivamente, nos fragiliza, nos vulnerabiliza e ameaça destruir-nos. Não o faz de forma igual...

Um Estado de Emergência dentro dum Estado de Emergência
February 23rd 2021, Climáximo

Em Setembro de 2019, o Climáximo entrou num estado de emergência climática, as...

Producing the second episode!
February 23rd 2021, Future Diaries

The second episode of Future Diaries will soon be in your universe! Only two weeks left to go! What you can do till then? LISTEN TO THE ...

December 2020

Paris Agreement Global Action
February 23rd 2021, Extinction Rebellion COP Network

On the eve of the 5th anniversary of the signing of the Paris Climate Agreement, Extinction Rebellion has launched ‘COP26: We Are Watching You,’ a series of global synchronised projections drawing attention to the lack of action, missed amb...

National strike
February 23rd 2021, XR Zambia

To make sure our leaders act on climate change

November 2020

National strike 11 December 2020
February 23rd 2021, Friday for future Lusaka Zambia

Etat financier novembre 2020
February 23rd 2021, XR Montpellier

Les dépenses à défalquer du soldes sont : 300 Euros de location de salle pour le prochain semestre200 Euros (environ) de remboursements aux rebelles pour matériels, fournitures,... : remboursement à faireSoit un solde réel au 8/11/20 de 100...

In letzter Zeit ist viel passiert...
February 23rd 2021, Animal Rebellion Germany

Liebe Unterstützer*innen, liebe Community, wir haben wieder ein paar Updates für euch: Neues aus den OrtsgruppenRebellion Wave in BerlinCOVID-19 Support für LebenshöfeSpendenaufruf Neues aus den Ortsgruppen...

October 2020

Newsletter October 2020: general assembly on fundraising, mutual aid groups for COVID-19 new wave
February 23rd 2021, All for Climate

Dear all Our last general assembly on October 8th totally energized us 🤩. With a topic like ‘fundraising and crowdfunding’, and all behind a computer screen, that is quite an achievement 😉 We have learned a lot, the experts were amazing, an...

Tree planting seeking financial assistance
February 23rd 2021, Friday for future Lusaka Zambia

Tree planting for fruits is the project for FFF LUSAKA ZAMBIA,we want to amplify the voices of young people in our communities and schools,we want to form club's in schools working with teachers and community leaders through these club's we...

Open Collective, çà boume !
February 23rd 2021, Extinction Rebellion France

12 collectifs activés en France. 19 événements financés par XR France via Open Collective. Mode d'emploi: ...

Locandine per il Climate Strike del 9 ottobre!
February 23rd 2021, Fridays For Future - Milano

Grazie alle prime donazioni ricevute abbiamo stampato le locandine per lo sciopero del 9 ottobre che abbiamo già distri...

August 2020

First test applications
February 23rd 2021, XR COP Internet Needs

We have accepted two first test applications now from Chris and Devina. These will help us fine tune our process before sharing the application form widely to people involved in XR COP groups. We should be there in a couple of weeks. Thank...

July 2020

NRL - On arrête le massacre !
February 23rd 2021, XR Réunion

Voici le communqiue d'XR Réunion sur le scandale de la NRL :

XR Réunion s'oppose à la pub sur trottoir
February 23rd 2021, XR Réunion

Voici le communiqué de presse d'XR Réunion suite à l'agression visuelle de l'entreprise ORANGE :

Funding help for food parcels facemask and hand sanitizer
February 23rd 2021, Friday for future Lusaka Zambia

My name is precious kalombwana from Friday for future,a non profit organization.we are fundraising to assist us in purchasing food parcels facemasks and hand sanitizer.Recently lockdown and strictly movement due to covid-19 has impacted ver...

Was für ein Monat!
February 23rd 2021, Animal Rebellion Germany

Liebe Unterstützer*innen,zunächst möchten wir nochmal klarstellen, dass dieses Kollektiv nur legale Aktivitäten finanziert. Alle Rechnungen und Buchungen sind transparent einsehbar.Digitale und Dezentrale Rebellion WaveSpendenkampagne für L...

June 2020

Finishing touches for beta test
February 23rd 2021, GetCourageNow

While we have slowed down a bit due to match our current resources, our development team is working on putting the finishing touches on the application to be ready for a beta test. Once complete, we have many interested parties waiting in l...

Getting started
February 23rd 2021, XR COP Internet Needs

The XR groups organising for COP have run in to a problem. We want diversity of voices getting involved and planning to influence COP and the National Determined Contributions (NDCs) to reduce greenhouse gasses as part of the Paris Agree...

May 2020

Neuigkeiten von Animal Rebellion
February 23rd 2021, Animal Rebellion Germany

Liebe Community!wir haben wieder einige Updates für euch.Spendenkampagne COVID-19 Support für LebenshöfeDigitale und Dezentrale Rebellion Wave vom 12. - 21. JuniReguläre SpendenSpendenkampagne COVID-19 Support für Lebenshöfe

COVID-19 strikes and interest in GCN
February 23rd 2021, GetCourageNow

Recently GCN has received some interested from various groups going on strike to poor or challenging conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic. This gives GCN more opportunities to complete a beta test and help a greater variety of causes ...

What we were doing during the pandemic 🌍💚
February 23rd 2021, Fridays for Future Erlangen

In the past weeks we gave everything to keep attention on climate politics while fighting Corona.The pandemic forced us to call off our big demonstration about the local elections. Quite a hard step after days of organizing and crafting ...

Banner-Aktion #NoFascism zum 8. Tag der #RebellionWaveJena
February 23rd 2021, XR Thueringen

Faschismus aufn Mond, wo keine*r wohnt! Globale Zusammenarbeit und #Solidarität, statt nationale

How has the covid19 pandemic effected RESQ?
February 23rd 2021, RESQ-DAO

Hello to everyone out there! We at RESQ hope you are all keeping well. We know that times can be...well let's say...a bit more difficult. To help you all pass the time we would like to direct you to our Tolls Page where you can find plen...

Menschenkette mit Plakaten zu #BailOutThePlanet
February 23rd 2021, XR Thueringen

Das war schon der 7. Tag der #RebellionWaveJena #Blockieren

#CriticalMass in Jena am 5.3.
February 23rd 2021, XR Thueringen

#EarthOverShootDay Aktion von XR Weimar, am Weimarer Rathaus
February 23rd 2021, XR Thueringen

Die #Wirtschaftslobby zerstört den #Planeten! Es muss sich ...

Overwhelming interest in GCN, with beta test in near future
February 23rd 2021, GetCourageNow

Beta test planned for March using Version 1 of GCN.XR UK has requested to use the GCN platform for a rent strike happening in April.XR Germany and XR Australia have also requested to use the GCN platform for actions happening in April/Ma...

April 2020

COVID-19 Soforthilfe für Lebenshöfe
February 23rd 2021, Animal Rebellion Germany

Liebe Community,bevor unsere Kampagne offiziell gestartet ist, haben wir bereits 11 Spenden für unsere lieben Mitgeschöpfe erhalten.Gerade sind wir dabei eine Liste mit kleinen Lebenshöfen zusammen zu stellen, denen wir als erstes eine U...

Nuestras 3 Demandas
February 23rd 2021, Extinction Rebellion Mallorca | Rebel·lió o Extinció

February 23rd 2021, Tour de Planet

Hey people, we had many weeks of hard work behind us, fighting the consequences of Corona in our ranks. So we created the DIGITAL TOUR DE PLANET with great interviews on Youtube and amazing articles on our website - with themes like:

March 2020

Closing first travel fund, learnings and next steps
February 23rd 2021, All for Climate Travel Fund

Hi everyone,Thank you so much for your trust and your support in this first experiment. Our goal was to provide financial help to young activists in an open and transparent way. While we cannot say it was a big success (more on that belo...

Conference excitement, business as usual, & tech advancements
February 23rd 2021, GetCourageNow

Team members from GetCourageNow attended grassroots movement focussed conferences in late February to present the platform to a variety of climate justice organisations, who were all excited to see the desperately needed software.Plans t...

New rebels joining the Finance Circle, proposal for a COVID-19 Mutual Aid Fund
February 23rd 2021, XR Belgium

FR NL belowHello Rebels 👋Quick update from the Finance Circle. Claire and Warren that took care of approving expenses are moving back to France. Thank you so much for your contribution to XR Belgium!For the next 3 months (till t...

Wie spendet man uns ?
February 23rd 2021, XR Augsburg

Man muss seine E-Mail eingeben. Dann erhält man eine Mail mit den Zahlungsdetails (s.u.) und kann eine Online-Überweisung tätigen. OpenCollective hat seine Bankverbindung in Belgien, daher die IBAN mit BE54 am Beginn.Dear incognito,We wo...

February 2020

All For Climate and RESQ-DAO Working Together for a Sustainable Future!
February 23rd 2021, RESQ-DAO

All For Climate is the Fiscal Host for RESQ-DAOWe're proud to announce All For Climate has agreed to be the Fiscal Host for RESQ-DAO. This partnership for climate action is a very exciting upgrade for RESQ that we anticipate will greatly...

New fiscal host and funding
February 23rd 2021, GetCourageNow

We are now lucky to have All For Climate as our fiscal host, meaning we were able to finally receive long awaited funding. This will help us to pick up the speed on the development of our GetCourageNow project by paying for extra develop...

Officially welcoming RESQ #2 on-board!
February 23rd 2021, RESQ-DAO

For the last nine months, we've been working with a second group to form RESQ #2.RESQ #2 has a threefold animal focus: dogs, donkeys, and ducks. They've gotten their piece of land sectioned out. The dogs and the ducks are currently onsit...

Climate Showroom
February 23rd 2021, Fridays for Future Erlangen

Meet your local Fridays For Future activists from 02/10/2020 until 03/01/2020 in the shop window of Hauptstraße 55 next to "Lesecafé". Hang out in our cosy "living room" and chat, discus...

What we have done before
February 23rd 2021, Developers For Future

Of course, we didn't just start working on projects here with the opening of the OpenCollective. In the meantime we try to present them on a separate project page, but this is currently not complete. That's why it's really worth to have ...

Relaunch own website
February 23rd 2021, Developers For Future

Usually we work on the websites of the other organizations. But now our page is finally finished: took a little more time than expected, but...

Page for german forFoture Network got a SuluCMS integration.
February 23rd 2021, Developers For Future

We created the page to display all german ForFuture organisations and now it got a CMS under the hood for upcomming tasks for it.

January 2020

September 2019

"A journey for Change"
February 23rd 2021, Youth for Climate

(see below for Nederlands and English)FR: « Un voyage pour le changement »Anuna De Wever, Adélaïde Charlier et Josefien Hoerée, trois militantes de Youth for Climate, ont été invitées à la COP 25 au Chili. Leur objectif ...